Laura received a BA in Art and a MAT from The University of Louisville in the 1990’s, and then taught elementary art for several years.  While always staying creative making small works and abstracts with water colors, she discovered her tubes of oil paint from college while living in Arizona.  Her love of painting was reignited as she was surrounded by the lovely and unique dessert fauna. Much of her early work reflects the beauty of the Arizona desert and the Texas Hill Country.   Laura returned to her home state of Kentucky, after living in the West for several years.  She has made full circle, working again in the same public school system.  This time teaching High School art where she grows in every aspect, every day, learning with and from her students.  She delights in the process of creating art with her students from the planning process through completion.  Along with painting, she has also returned to embellishing her photographs as she did while in college.  She adds embroidery and paint to canvas and paper prints. Laura is a working artist at Gallery 104 in LaGrange, where her work is on display.  

Inspired by the ultimate artist and creator of the universe, Laura sees God’s magnificent beauty, in all things living.  Plants, trees, wildlife and domestic animals are all captured in time when she puts brush to canvas and a unique image evolves. She considers it a privilege to create these pastiches of the Master Artist and creates with a thankful spirit for all that is good and lovely, and placed before us on a daily basis.  She has an abundance of subject matter to choose from on the small farm where she lives with her husband.

Artworks have the capacity to convey a positive message, to reveal the truth of the unseen, to describe beauty, to define the good that still exists, to communicate between cultures without spoken language, and to heal.” – Rick J Delanty